Arabic Numbers


Arabic Numbers


Arabic script is written
right to left
(opposite English), BUT their numbers are written
left to right
(just like English)! In practice this means that Arabs have to read
in TWO DIRECTIONS whenever they read something containing

Also, some of the numbers will look
a bit more recognizable if you tilt your head to the


have 7,850 dollars”


This is what an Arabic clock
looks like. Eventhough Arabic is read from right to left, their
clocks opperate in a clockwise manner, just like clocks
everywhere else in the



you guess the numbers below?



1. 552. 87

3. 91

4. 32

5. 64

6. 750

7. 6058. 1974

9. 1423 (Islamic year =

10. 1999

11. 2001

12. 987,654,321


Now you can read Arabic numbers!